Predictive Employee Analytics

Translate insights into organizational action and results for your employees


The future of human resources is data-driven

Understand the changing employee landscape, respond quickly to developing situations, and predict so you can pre-empt.


Our platform is people-centered & data driven

CONSOLIDATE EMPLOYEE DATA In a single platform, unify employee touchpoints across business channels and systems.
AUTOMATICALLY GENERATE INSIGHTS Generate employee-focused insights using dashboards and reports that are pre-built and update automatically.
DRIVE BUSINESS DECISION MAKING Facilitate decision making and actions such as generating targeted employee campaigns and development opportunities.

We calculate metrics and run analysis that matters to your business

Measure Example
WORKFORCE PLANNING Improve efficiencies and productivity, plan your future workforce & growth
DIVERSITY & INCLUSION Set measurable goals, improve representation
WELLNESS Reduce high performer attrition, address burnout
PERFORMANCE & DEVELOPMENT Training impact, optimize learning resources
TALENT Attract and retain high performers, refine recruitment processes and results

Automate reporting so that you can focus on what matters most: people.






Centralize and analyze data from across your company to gain a full understanding of your employees.

Get sophisticated analyses and reports that you can take into the boardroom.


Analyze past and current trends in order to predict future outcomes. E.g., Expected churn by role types, expected use of health benefits, expected skills gaps.



Summarize important points, trends, and information from text-based data like survey responses. E.g., Identify common topics and sentiment, get alerts around sensitive topics.



Automatically sync and view reports of your employee data, engagement, surveys and other data. E.g., reports of eNPS and satisfaction, performance by segment.



White label reports or connect to another system.





Our AI-driven approach optimizes for speed, automation, privacy and data security.



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